When the cool weather starts rolling in, and all you have is outfits designed to give you the maximum amount of cool, it is time to get creative with your wardrobe. Good news. You don’t need to go out and buy all new clothes.

Get your wardrobe staples freshened-up with Hangers Cleaners’ laundry service and wear them as the season changes from summer to fall.

Here are a few tips for transitioning your summer wardrobe to a fall wardrobe.


Identify your wardrobe staples.

Do you have a few garments that you wear all the time? The garments that don’t spend too long in the hamper. Once the garment needs to be washed, it is time to do laundry. These garments are your wardrobe staples. They could be a cosy t-shirt or your favorite pair of jeans.

Add those in your fall wardrobe, but be ready to change up how you wear them.


Consider ways to use these staples into cold-weather outfits.

Got a favorite summer dress? It doesn’t need to go in storage until spring. Pair it with long sleeves, under or over the dress, and tights. A cozy cardigan is an essential part of any fall wardrobe because it makes your whole closet wearable all season.

Layering is the key to navigating Arkansas confusing weather transitions. Wear pieces that you can take off or swap out if the temperature warms up. Blanket scarves, leggings, knit cardigans, and beanies are all great pieces for layering.


Staying warm doesn’t mean you have to wear boring clothes.

Winter doesn’t require all black attire — although some LOVE to wear all black and winter is the perfect time to do just that. Add a pop of bright color with an accessory. Use your colorful summer wardrobe to help.

Pair your fun summer skirt with leggings and warm booties. Take your favorite colorful summer t-shirt and wear it under a warm sweater or jacket. The idea is to never stop having fun with what you wear.


It is ok to wear white.

There are no more rules. Today’s world of fashion — even high-fashion — is all about breaking rules and having fun with your outfit. The “no white after labor day” is from an era gone by. A great way to warm up a top is to wear a white camisole (one that has no cotton, just fast-drying, moisture-wicking materials) under it.


Be careful with cotton.

We LOVE cotton in the summer. This is because cotton takes a long time to dry and continuously cools us down throughout the day. During the winter, the last thing you want against your skin is wet fabric. Make sure your base layers are made of fast-drying materials. If you have any questions consult this blog: 3 Tips On Dressing For Cold Weather.