Scott and Margaret have been in the Dry Cleaning business for over 30 years. By working for Owners, managing, and owning Cleaners over the years themselves they have learned what customers want and need from their local dry cleaners. Listening to our customers is what sets Hangers Cleaners apart. We do our best to get your stains out the first time. If we cannot safely remove the stain we will communicate that to our customers. We believe that the “once in awhile” customer is just as important as our weekly customer because they will remember the service they received and come back to us when they need something cleaned. They trust us to clean some of their favorite garments. We use an odor-free hydrocarbon cleaning process that is safe for our customers and the environment. This process does not create toxic waste. We recycle hangers, use reusable garment bags, recycle office paper, and reuse the plastic collar extenders that customers send back.
We also listen to our employees. They are the faces our customers see the most. They help communicate to our customers the best options for their cleaning needs.
You will find Scott and Margaret working daily in and with all five locations in Central Arkansas. If you have any questions or concerns Margaret is always a phone call or email away.
Owners of Central Arkansas Hangers Cleaner


Clean Clothes
Hangers is your premium dry cleaning and laundry choice in central Arkansas. We operate a state-of-the-art, eco-friendly plant; a growing number of stores and the largest home and office delivery service in the area.

Hangers is Arkansas family owned and operated. This is our community! The Hangers owners and management are all faith-based individuals and we strive to treat our customers, employees and suppliers in a manner that reflects our values.

Our goal is to provide an unmatched cleaning product and the best customer service in our state. From the counter top to the delivery route, Hangers is committed to providing you with fresh, ready to wear garments for years to come. We want to clean your clothes as if they were ours.

We guarantee the quality of our work. If you find a problem with any item in your order, we will gladly re-process that item at no charge.

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