3 Tips for Dressing for Cold Weather

In Little Rock, we enjoy our warm weather in the Summer. When Winter rolls around, it’s an adjustment to say the least. Is your wardrobe ready for colder temperatures? Stop by Hangers Cleaners with winter garments you need to freshen up. We offer dry cleaning delivery to make your wardrobe transition as easy as possible.

You know how to dress for hot weather. What about cold? There are a few simple tips everyone can use to keep a comfortable body temperature in the cold.

Here are a few tips on dressing for cold temperatures.

  1. You need a non-cotton base layer.

To start your stay-warm outfit you need a thin, comfortable base layer. The most important function of this layer is to wick moisture away from your body.

Cotton is great for summer because it breathes well and keeps hot air away from your body. What it can’t do, however, is dry fast. It won’t wick away any moisture and isn’t a good choice for a base layer.

Go for blends with synthetic fibers and wool. Merino wool is one of the best options there is. However, it does require special care and garments made from merino wool tend to be expensive.

Garments made with the following fabrics work as well:

  • nylon,
  • polyester,
  • linen, and
  • silk

These make for fast-drying, lightweight garments ready to keep warm, dry air next to your skin.

Tips for when it’s EXTRA cold: Some winter-seasoned experts recommend wearing two base layers. Get both with our dry cleaning delivery, so you don’t even have to go outside. 

  1. Embrace the sweater weather.

Dig out your favorite fall sweater and prepare to make the most of it.

The next layer over your base layer is often called your “insulation” layer. It’s there to keep all that warmth your body is making close to you at all times. This layer consists of a thick garment that will trap air and hold it still.

If sweaters aren’t your thing, think “puffy”. Garments that are good for this can be made of fleece, natural fibers like wool and cotton, even puffy polyester garments like puffer vests would be a great choice for this layer.

  1. Consider your elements, and choose dry cleaning delivery instead. 

To choose a good cold-weather outfit, it’s best to know what kind of cold you are preparing for. The outermost layer of a good winter outfit is for protection.

This layer is usually waterproof or water resistant—this is especially important in the rain and snow. It’s good at protecting you from the sharp cold wind, but it is breathable enough to let moisture out. Too cold to get you clothes cleaned? Try our dry cleaning delivery service, so you won’t even have to brave the weather.