For the amount of laundry that the majority of us do on a regular basis, very few of us take the time to stop and think about the temperature of the water. Before you touch the dial or button on your washing machine, it is first important that you know the best temperature for your wash load. There are several reasons that you may need to adjust the temperature on the washing machine, including clothing materials and stain treatment. So, which temperature is best for your clothes? Keep reading to learn more about which clothes should be washed in warm water and which clothes should be washed in hot water. 

When to Use Warm Water 

For man-made fibers, knits, and jeans, it is recommended to use warm water (90 degrees Fahrenheit). Warm water can also help to remove mild stains and restore the brightness of white clothing. The majority of your clothing can be washed in warm water, as it offers good cleaning without any significant fading or shrinking. Warm water is a mix of hot and cold, with many newer machines mixing it 60-40. 

When to Use Hot Water

If you are washing a load of linens, white laundry, or excessively dirty clothes, use hot water (130 degrees Fahrenheit or above). Hot water is the best way to remove heavy soil and remove germs. It’s important to be careful when using hot water to wash your clothes though, as it can cause some fabrics to shrink, fade, or become damaged. Delicate fabrics don’t usually respond well to hot water. Additionally, hot water can cause dyed fabrics to come out splotchy. Make sure to read your clothing labels before washing your clothes in hot water. 

When to Use Cold Water

If you are planning to wash delicate fabrics or a load of laundry with dark or bright colors that tend to bleed, use cold water (80 degrees Fahrenheit). You will also want to check the labels on your clothes to determine if they should be washed in cold water. If you use cold water to launder your clothes, you may need to pre-treat any clothing items that are heavily soiled. Washing with cold water also uses 90% less energy than hot water, helping you to be more eco-friendly!

It is important to note that if the water is below 60 degrees Fahrenheit, the clothes are unlikely to be cleaned thoroughly. 

All of Your Dry-Cleaning Needs

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