Trying to keep all of the rooms in your home can be quite a challenging task, especially if you have kids or pets. Blankets and comforters help to accessorize your home and you want to ensure that they stay looking good. While you probably throw them in the washing machine and dryer from time to time, having your blankets dry cleaned is an excellent alternative to machine washing. Not only does it save you the time and hassle of trying to clean your blankets, but it also keeps your blankets looking good and smelling great. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of having your blankets dry cleaned. 

How Often Should I Wash My Blankets?

How often you should wash your blankets can vary. If you are using your blanket nightly, it is recommended that you wash it along with your bed linens one to two times per week. If your blanket is only lightly used and is kept away from your skin, it shouldn’t need washing too often; try washing it every two months or so. And if you only use your blanket on rare occasions or for decoration, wash it once per season. 

What are the Benefits of Dry Cleaning My Blankets?

Dry Cleaning Avoids the Risk of Shrinking Your Blankets

Washing your blankets in your home’s washing machine can cause them to shrink over time due to the high temperatures required to properly wash them. Because the dry cleaning process does not involve water, it will not cause your blankets to shrink. 

Dry Cleaning Makes Your Blankets Look and Feel Better

Let’s face it – for most of us, blankets are a staple part of our home decor. Running your blankets through your washing machine and dryer on a regular basis can lead to fading, as well as rips, tears, and holes. The washing machine can also cause stretching. Taking your blankets to the dry cleaners helps to ensure that they will stay looking fresh and new for much longer. 

Dry Cleaning Helps to Prevent the Colors from Fading

Washing your blankets at home on a regular basis can lead to the colors fading over time. This might cause you to keep replacing blankets simply because the current ones have become faded and dingy. Dry cleaning your blankets can help to prevent fading and preserve colors, allowing you to keep your blankets around for much longer. 

Dry Cleaning Gets Your Blankets Cleaner

Although you may not realize how dirty your blanket gets each night, as time passes, blankets become covered in things like sweat, skin flakes, and dust mites. Blankets often have to get crammed into your home’s washing machine, meaning that they may not be as thoroughly cleaned as you would like. Dry cleaning your blankets removes all dirt, dust, and stains. 

Dry Cleaning Takes the Stress Off of Your Home Appliances

Items, like blankets and comforters, are often too heavy and bulky for traditional home laundry appliances to handle on a regular basis. Overloading your home’s washing machine can cause it to become unbalanced. Taking your blankets and other bedding to the dry cleaners will help to ensure that your items are clean, while also protecting your home’s washing machine and dryer. Remember – the cost of dry cleaning your blankets is far less that the cost of repairing or replacing your home’s laundry appliances. 

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