Planning your wardrobe for the holidays — Seriously. Starting Now.

Make the holidays a little less stressful this year by getting your special attire cleaned and ready-to-go now. Drop your ugly Christmas sweater, your Christmas eve blazer, and even any garment you might want to wear on NYE off at the dry cleaners. We’ll be happy to clean them and even pack them safely, so they are ready to go on your holiday vacation when you are.

As we prepare for the holidays, here are a few reminders about clothing — and life — we all need.


1. Activewear is for every day now.

During the winter it is important to stay active. Even when the cold makes leaving the house seem so unpleasant. Keep up with your workout routine and your stress level will be significantly less as the holidays roll around.

Activewear is also comfy and moisture-wicking. It is a great choice for a base layer. So you can bundle up and still be able to move around comfortably.


2. You can wear whatever you want for the Holidays.

We didn’t make the rules. But we certainly support leaving rules like “no white garments after labor day” in the past. Many associate Christmas and Christmas Eve with childhood memories of having to wear nice clothes. The adults in our lives were proud to show us off.

Now, you show yourself off. So — with public decency laws in mind, wear what you love and feel comfortable into every Holiday event.


3. Cozy, comfy, warm sweaters are a necessity.

The holidays are all about family and making sure the loved ones in our lives know we appreciate them. Don’t forget to appreciate yourself. It is ok to take time for yourself. If you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed for more than 15 minutes you are legally allowed to leave and have some self-care time.*

Comfy, cozy, warm sweaters are a great investment during the Holidays. If you have a favorite, we would love to clean it for you so it is fresh and clean when you need it.


4. Set realistic expectations (dress in layers).

Sure you want to look your best, but you also want to stay warm. Maybe you won’t have what you thought would be the perfect NYE outfit. Temperatures around this holiday often call for warmer outfit choices. Remember this as you plan!

Any holiday needs realistic expectations. There is no reason everything must be perfect.

*This isn’t a real law. But you should still consider it!