How to Keep Clothes Looking New

We’ve all ripped our favorite pair of jeans or spilled red wine on a new shirt, but the most common reason your clothes look less than new is that you’re not caring for them appropriately. Remember that gorgeous sweater you only wore once before it fell apart in the wash? Or those pants that were suddenly ankle-length after being run through the dryer?

Different fabrics and kinds of clothing require different kinds of care to remain looking their best. Get the most out of your clothing and save yourself some time, money, and frustration with these tips on how to keep clothes looking good as new! 

#1 Read the Care Instruction Labels

The first and most important rule of caring for your clothing is reading the instructions already provided to you! Pretty much every garment has tags indicating what fibers the outfit is made of and how to best care for it. Cotton, rayon, silk–all of these require different temperatures of water and heat to keep them from staining, pulling, or shrinking. 

And remember, if an item says “dry clean only” it means it! 

#2 Use Laundry Bags

We’re not talking about hampers when we say use laundry bags. Laundry bags are usually made of mesh to let water and soap permeate while protecting your clothes from tangling. If your washing machine doesn’t have a “delicates” cycle, these bags are a must for your delicates and lingerie. 

But even if you do have a delicate cycle, these bags can help keep delicate clothing with lace, ribbons, buttons, etc. safe from rips and snags. You can get one for ten dollars or less online, and they can save you hundreds in clothing and underwear replacements!

 #3 Turn Everything Inside Out

Spin cycles can put a lot of wear on your clothing, especially if it has patterns, decals, or bedazzling on it. Turning your clothes inside out protects the outer surface and makes sure that the inside takes most of the wear and tear. 

Pretty much every item of clothing you own can benefit from this tip. Keep your dark jeans from washing out, your blouse buttons from falling off, and your silly slogan in place by turning everything inside out!

#4 Try Vinegar Instead of Bleach

Bleach can be harsh on your clothes, drying out the fibers and causing them to wear out faster. And if you use too much, it can linger in your washing machine and turn your favorites into unfortunate tie-dye. Vinegar is a better way to eliminate residue and freshen your clothes. It’s also more environmentally friendly!

#5 Air Dry As Much As Possible

Obviously, if you need your favorite pair of jeans for a date tonight, you’ll need to throw them into the dryer. But heat is the number one source of wear and tear on your clothing–especially the more delicate fabrics. To prevent shrinking, fading, and general wear and tear, consider air-drying your clothing as much as possible!

If you have a backyard and live in a warm and sunny area, consider setting up a clothesline for quicker air-drying. For rainy days, cold weather, and limited space, foldable drying racks are a great investment. 

If your dryer is the best option for you, set your clothes to dry on the lowest heat available. Better to dry twice on delicate than once on high if you’re trying to protect your clothing. 

#6 Switch Detergents

There are so many types of detergent on the market that it can be overwhelming trying to choose the right one. But the best detergents are fragrance-free, dye-free, and don’t have fabric softener pre-added. And the liquid detergent is always easier on clothes than powdered varieties!

Consider buying special detergent for your delicates to prevent discoloration and shrinking. There are also special chemical-free plant-based options that can help your clothing last longer.   

And if you don’t have the time or inclination to get nit-picky with your laundry habits, but you want your clothes looking good as new, consider Hangers’ laundry service! We pick up and drop off straight from your home!