The hottest fashion trend that has been popular the longest? Wearing clothes so you are comfortable and can have a great time enjoying the outdoors.

When the weather in Arkansas changes from Summer to Fall it is always a challenge trying to dress in an outfit that will work for every temperature the day will go through. The secret? Dress in layers.

It’s why many people love fall so much.

It is a time when you can bring out your cozy sweaters without having to put away your summer dress or favorite short-sleeve t-shirt.

Fall fashion stands out among other seasons because it is a time to get creative with your wardrobe pieces. Feel free to mix and match textures and prints.

Be ready for the cold. And also heat.

Maybe the morning commute to work requires a scarf and jacket. The ride home in the afternoon will probably be too warm for both of those garments. Make sure your wardrobe can do without, and that you have the free hands to carry your extra garments back home.

A large scarf is your best friend.

Blanket scarves serve many purposes. They can be draped over your shoulders like a pashmina. It can also be tightly folded into a computer bag. Since it is an accessory, it can be paired with nearly any outfit and be taken off without ruining the look.

It is also a great picnic blanket — while you are out enjoying the weather.

Keep a rain jacket handy.

It might be a pain to keep track of. A windbreaker or raincoat is better to carry around than a cardigan during this season. The crisp fall air is in the wind. A sweater isn’t very good at protecting you from that kind of cold air.

It is also so very important to stay dry. Rain is inevitable as seasons change. You don’t want to find yourself drenched in the rain, only to go sit in a chilled office.

Staying dry also applies to sweat. Dressing in layers will help you keep cool during the warmer hours of the day. Sweat is meant to cool you off. Once the temperature drops, this service won’t be as welcome.

Have fun with your outfit!

Every day is a good day to dress for fun. However, some people feel more comfortable mixing fun and practicality in their style during the fall.  

What do you want to wear? Overalls? Boots and sleeveless tops? Sweaters and shorts? An authentic Lord Of The Rings costume? All costumes are acceptable during fall because everyone will think you are going to an early Halloween party.