The very first crisp fall air has hit Little Rock — it was a very misleading as always we were right back to hot summer temperatures a few hours later — and residents are getting ready to unpack their fall garments.

At Hangers Cleaners, we love fall! It is a great time to get all those cold-weather garments out of storage and ready to wear. Our laundry service makes it easy to transition your summer wardrobe to your cold-weather wardrobe. We’ll even come pick it up from your house, for free.

Here are a few fashion trends we are eager to see this fall.

Over-The-Knee-Boots (but not like you’d think).

Not everyone is a fan of this trend, but hear us out. Over-the-knee seems to be the go-to for female superhero costumes. Wonder woman, Mrs. Incredible — and Elastigirl, Catwoman, Black Widow, and Captain Marvel can all be spotted wearing them. Maybe it helps with the superhero landing?

If fashion-forward brands are saying over-the-knee boots are in, this could be reasonably be interpreted either way.

TL: DR It is now acceptable to wear superhero costumes anywhere you like.

New Coffee Drinks To Try

Maple oat latte anyone? There are so many new coffee drinks to try.

Oat milk is becoming increasingly popular among espresso drinkers. Honey lattes are popular. And as fall rolls around, maple-flavored everything is showing up on coffee menus. Maple has a rich and deep flavor that is perfect for fall. It blends well with traditional fall spices.

Wearing What You Love

The “trends” mentality slowing fading as more people are deciding to wear what they love. Mix and match your favorite prints. Wear all items in your favorite color. Try new things as your personal style evolves. Try out new and old trends to see if they are for you, like belt bags — we know a fanny pack when we see one.  

Being comfortable and confident in what you wear is taking center-stage — and we are big fans!

Statement Coats

If you need to bundle up for cold-weather, why not make it fun. Statement coats have always been popular for trend-setters. Find a coat you LOVE and it will probably go with the rest of your wardrobe.

Already have that coat? The best way to care for it, so you can keep wearing it forever, is to get it cleaned when needed. So if your coat has an unfavorable smell it picked up in storage, or if it has been adorned with an oat maple latte recently, bring it to Hangers Cleaners.