Eco Friendly Dry Cleaning | The Importance Of Using Safe Chemicals

Having your dry cleaning done at an eco-friendly dry cleaner is essential for your health and for the earth. Here are a few reasons why it is so important to choose a dry cleaner – or any cleaning service, really – that uses safe chemicals. 

Hangers Cleaners is a wet cleaning dry cleaning facility. We take advantage of the latest in dry cleaning technology so that none of our cleaning methods use dangerous chemicals. The wet cleaning dry cleaning method is eco-friendly and non-hazardous to your health – which is why your clothes smell so fresh when you get them back from us. 


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It gets the job done. 

Maintaining our garments to look nice AND last as long as we need them is not easy. Laundry and dry cleaning is a constantly evolving science. As we get better and better, we have also learned how not to clean clothes. 

Knowing the dangers of PERC and other unsafe chemicals has led the cleaning industry to find safer alternatives. They needed a way that would get garments just as clean as the chemicals did, without the chemicals. 

This is where the wet cleaning dry cleaning method comes in. At Hangers Cleaners, we use computerized washers and advanced steaming equipment. We can clean and treat garments safely with no harsh chemicals. 


It isn’t a health hazard. 

PERC is considered a volatile organic compound (VOC). It is regulated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Like most chemicals, it is difficult to say for certain the health risks of being exposed to PERC. It has been linked to liver and kidney malfunction, certain kinds of cancer, and headaches. Employees at dry cleaning facilities are at the most risk for these side effects. 


It is friendly to the earth.

One of the alternatives to using PERC involves hydrocarbon. DF-2000, to be specific. This cleaning solution is called “organic,” but it isn’t as safe as it sounds. While it isn’t dangerous to you, the production process of the chemical emits greenhouse gasses into the environment. 

The same can be said for any silicon-based solvent. Most silicone-based dry cleaning methods don’t allow any chemicals to touch your garment. – Which sounds great! However, just like the DF-2000, these cleaners also release harmful chemicals into the environment during the manufacturing process. 

Legislation and protectors of the earth are working to end dangerous half-truths like these. A quick search on Google will usually have all the answers you need to determine whether “organic” really means “organic.”