Sometimes it’s the little things that make your day easier. At Hangers Cleaners, we want to make your dry cleaning as convenient as possible. That’s why we offer delivery at no extra cost.

Our delivery team will pick­up and deliver your dry cleaning right to your home or office. Everything you need to know about your order is easy to access from our website.

What difference does this make? Here are 3 joys of getting your dry cleaning delivered.

1. Your drive home from work is just that ­driving home from work.

No need to make an extra stop to pick up your dry cleaning. After a full day of work all you need to worry about is getting home. We will deliver your garments to your front door.

You can also avoid that moment, after finally arriving home and getting comfortable on your couch, when you realize you forgot to pick­up your dry cleaning. Having your dry cleaning delivered means less stress and more relaxing at the end of a long work day.

2. Running one less errand.

We know what it’s like to have a busy week. Small errands add up and can take lots of time out of your day. To get your dry cleaning done with us, all you need to do is set your order outside your door. Our team will have your garments fresh, clean and waiting for you back on your front doorstep in no time.

Running errands with the kids? Even a quick stop at the cleaners can seem like an ordeal. No need to stop, unload passengers, keep track of said passengers and then load everyone back into your vehicle with your dry cleaning.

However, we understand that for some young individuals, every opportunity is viewed as a learning one. Our team is ready to answer all questions about our sustainable, chemical­-free cleaning methods.

3. A weekend with more fun and less to­do list items.

Hangers Cleaners is open on Saturday 8:00AM ­ 2:00PM, but that doesn’t mean you need to include us in your weekend plans. Cross ‘pick­up dry cleaning’ off your to­do list and let us deliver your garments to your front door. No extra charge. Take back your weekend with less errands and use the extra time to do what you enjoy.

Is laundry day taking up too much of your weekend? Hangers Cleaners is here to help. Drop off your dry cleaning, your favorite garment with a tough stain, your soft sweater with a confusing care tag or any other garment you want cleaned professionally and let our team do the work.