How to Get Your Dry Cleaning Delivered in Little Rock, Ark.

To your door won’t cost a penny more. Cheesy we know. After all these years, it’s still our favorite slogan. Some things—like that vintage sport coat that’s been passed down generations in your family—never lose their charm. Looking for a good dry cleaning service that brings your dry cleaning delivered right to your doorstep. Dry-clean delivery at Hangers Cleaners is FREE. We’ll pick your garments up and drop them off when they are cleaned.

Here is a step-by-step breakdown of how the Hangers dry-clean delivery system works.

Find a full visual on our home page. Right alongside our “New Delivery Sign Up” and “Customer Log In” buttons. >>

You Register (on our website) for dry-clean delivery. 

That’s right. The whole process starts online.

You register as a new customer on our website. Give us your details and you’re ready to go. You’ll need to create a password. This is so we can keep your information safe.

The next time you need something for out dry-clean delivery, just log back in. Once we’re friends—we consider all customers as friends, it’s an unspoken term and condition—the process will be much quicker.

It’s not that we don’t want to meet you in person. We love seeing our customers stop by and we are available by phone during business hours 501-227-8500. We just understand the need for convenience. Got a van full of kids? Stickers on the windows? We’d like to be one of the errands you don’t have to worry about running.

We Pick Up

Hang your garments that need dry cleaning on your front door step. You’ve been seeing Hangers Cleaners vans all over Little Rock for over 30 years. Now, one is headed to your doorstep.

Every Hangers Cleaners customer gets one of our green reusable garment bags made from recycled plastic for their garments. By providing our customers with recyclable, reusable garment bags we eliminate paper garment covers. And for every ton of plastic bags returned, 17 trees are saved.

We Clean

Our drivers bring the garments they pick up to one of our wet-cleaning* dry-cleaning plants around Little Rock.

Wet-cleaning is our choice for dry cleaning your garments because it’s environmentally safe. Perc is not safe, for us or the environment. Wet cleaning machinery and processes are more advanced than ever.

Turns out, customers really appreciate an environmentally safe alternative to get their delicate clothes cleaned. Wet-Cleaning dry-cleaners have been popping up all over. Popularity means more push for technology advancements.

Check us out on social media to get a behind-the-scenes look at how we get your garments clean.



You get Dry-Clean Delivery

This process ends up almost where it starts. Find your dry-cleaned garments on your front porch in a green reusable garment bag. Your garments will smell fresh and clean—no chemical smell because or facility is perc-free. They are ready-to-wear to work the next day if you need them.

*What’s wet-cleaning? Here are a few fun facts about our eco-friendly, perc-free, dry-cleaning process: