Benton Dry Cleaning Delivery | We’re In Benton Now!

We now offer free delivery to all our customers in Benton, Ark. The best part about growing as a business is getting to extend our services. Life in Benton is a great escape from the city, without the long commute. 

We want to make your hard work week easier. Or, your day of running errands just a little less complicated. 

Enjoy the big city amenities in a small town. Get your dry cleaning delivered in Benton, Ark. Here are a few reasons you should get your dry cleaning delivered. 

Timing Your Errands Just Got Easier

Dry Cleaners’ have to have hours just like any customer service business. We just have the added complication of needing time to clean your clothes. 

When you plan your trip to the dry cleaners, you must consider whether we are open. You also must wait until they’ve had a chance to clean your garments and return them to your most convenient location.

This seems simple spelled out above. When you are planning your day running errands or squeezing in an extra trip after work, it just adds confusion. 

It’s more than just one less thing to think about, it’s one less errand to run.

Hangers Cleaners is open from 7AM to 7PM every day of the week with the exception of Saturday. On Saturday we are open from 8AM and 2PM.

Your Garment Will Appreciate Less Time In Hot Cars

How much of your closet is in your vehicle? When you pick up your dry cleaning, it needs to ride in the car back to your home. Not everyone remembers — or has the energy after a long day — to bring in the dry cleaning inside, along with your take-home work or groceries. 

While it is not entirely detrimental to leave your garments hanging in a hot car (or laying on the back seat when the overhead handles are full), it’s not ideal. Having your wardrobe scattered might be an ideal organization system for some. For many, it adds more unwanted stress to your day. Especially when you are trying to pack or decide what to wear! 

You’ll Have More Time To Do What You Want To Spend Your Time Doing

If you work full-time, your non-work time is precious! What should your day be full of? Even if your kids love running errands, it might be easier on you to have less errands to run with all your helpers. 

By getting your dry cleaning delivered, you’re saving. Maybe not a huge amount of time. However, saving a little time here and there adds up. You’ll find yourself enjoying lunch  a little time here and there

Need something dry cleaned? Use our online portal, put the garments on your front porch. Those garments will be back on your front porch, ready to wear in no time.