All The Perks without the PERC | Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaning    

At Hangers Cleaners we use a wet cleaning dry cleaning method. It’s a safer, eco-friendly, smarter way to clean delicate garments. That’s why so many residents in Benton and Little Rock choose us for all their dry cleaning needs. 

Why is eco-friendly dry cleaning so important? Dry cleaning is a huge industry that is slowly inching towards cleaner, more sustainable cleaning methods. 

Here is what you need to know. 

We’re Lookin’ At You, PERC.

It’s a familiar story. A large industry finds a key component of their business is harmful. They can’t be stopped. The people must stop them by choosing safer, greener options. 

Dry cleaning is a huge industry with a very serious problem on their hands. Perchloroethylene (PERC) is the seeming miracle substance original dry cleaners used to clean garments. It gently takes out stains, bacteria, dirt, and more. It worked like a charm. 

Today, we are, little by little, seeing the serious and harmful effects of this chemical. Having been in full circulation for so long, PERC has proven to be very difficult to ban. 

Who doesn’t love a good exposé? 

We aren’t too excited about this one. The harmful effects of PERC are actually well known. The employees running these dry cleaning machines see the worst of it. 

While PERC has not been definitively linked to cancer, workers using it are more likely to get certain cancers.

PERC is also bad for the environment. It’s a harsh chemical that finds a way into the earth’s atmosphere. It can also seep into the ground and reach our water supply. 

Good news? A hero is rising.

Thankfully, laundry technology has come a long way. We no longer need PERC to get delicate fabrics clean. Dry cleaners are taking advantage of the new, safer technology to get garments clean. 

Hangers Cleaners is a wet cleaning dry cleaning facility. Our smart cleaners can get any garment safely clean. Then we have our pressing equipment to dry and release any unwanted wrinkles. 

We focus on being eco-friendly beyond just our cleaning methods. All of our cleaning agents are biodegradeable and organic. We use re-usable garment bags and recycle tons of hangers.