What is Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaning?

As technology and our understanding of human impact on the climate has evolved, so has the dry cleaning industry. These evolutions have brought innovative solutions to a service that has been around since the 1600s. Professional laundry and dry cleaning services today continue to improve in order to maintain high quality cleaning services for our customers while reducing our impact on the planet. How has dry cleaning changed – and what is eco friendly dry cleaning? Read on to learn more!

Advances in Cleaning Solutions

One of the greatest areas of improvement in the dry cleaning industry has been in the solutions available for cleaning. The earliest cleaning solutions involved ammonia derived from urine – but rest assured! We’ve come a long way from there. Later solutions were gasoline-based and presented a huge human health and safety risk that resulted in devastating fires through the early 20th century. Today, most dry cleaners rely on a cleaning solvent called tetrachloroethylene, also known as perchloroethylene or “perc,” the favorite cleaning solvent of dry cleaners for nearly a century.

But cleaning solutions continue to evolve. Today, eco friendly dry cleaners use safe, nontoxic solvents that are just as effective as cleaning with perc. Some of the more eco friendly solvents available include hydrocarbon and siloxane. The most eco friendly cleaning solvent on the market, though, is liquid carbon dioxide. Dry cleaning has always been an industry that relies on science and chemistry to create effective, safe solutions. Today, these high-tech cleaning solvents are helping maintain a quality clean while reducing potential impacts on human health, safety, and the environment. 

Alternative Cleaning Methods

In addition to new cleaning solvents and chemical compounds that help your cleaners go green without sacrificing quality, some time-tested alternative cleaning methods are also helping reduce our carbon footprint. Advances in technology have made it possible to achieve the dry cleaning effect on delicate fabrics by professionally wet cleaning your clothing. The machines available at professional cleaners’ shops are highly customizable, allowing them to clean your clothing in a water-based solution at exact temperatures and with advanced settings to protect and clean your clothes. Wet cleaning uses gentle detergents and wash cycles supervised by a cleaning professional to clean clothing without chemicals. Wet cleaning clothes does produce waste water, but it is the most energy-efficient method of cleaning clothes on the market.

You can gently hand wash most of your clothing at home and hang it to dry. Return these clothes to the cleaners for a professionally-pressed crisp look. The biggest downside to hand washing clothing, other than your time and attention during the process, is increased household water and wastewater usage. Overall, it’s best to trust professional cleaners with your clothing – and reduce water usage and wastewater creation at your home.

Reducing Waste and Landfill Space

Other environmentally-conscious decisions your dry cleaners at Hangers are making are drastically reducing waste and the usage of landfill space. Our free pickup and delivery service, for example, employs reusable bags that cut down on plastic waste. We also use reusable hangers in place of one-time-use wire and cardboard to reduce the number of hangers that go to the landfill from our facility and your house. These measures are helping us reduce our environmental footprint and encourage sustainable practices.

Professional Dry Cleaning at Hangers Cleaners

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