Wedding Gowns

Professional Wedding Gown Cleaning

Your wedding gown is a physical memory of your wedding day. If you choose to keep your wedding gown, having it professionally cleaned after the wedding is an important step in keeping it looking like new for years to come. We can help you clean, spot treat, restore, preserve, and store your wedding gown. Protect your wedding day memories with the best in the business – Hangers Cleaners!

Even if your gown looks clean now, there are invisible stains like sweat and white wine that yellow over time and can permanently mar your dress. To make sure these stains don’t set and ruin your gown, have it cleaned as soon after the reception as possible. You can pre-arrange a hand-off with your mother or maid of honor so it gets to us by morning – even if you’re hopping on a plane for your honeymoon!

Professional Wedding Gown Preservation

Whether you’re displaying it, saving it for future generations, or you just can’t bear to part with it – preserving your wedding dress properly is key to keeping it looking like new. Once we’ve professionally cleaned it to prevent small and invisible stains from setting, our next focus is preservation. 

Oxygen and humidity cause the fabric to yellow naturally over the years. To avoid this, we package your gown in a specially sealed box and replace all the oxygen inside with nitrogen, which does not oxidize and combats yellowing. We use boxes with a built-in display window so you can take a sentimental peek without ruining the seal and having to pay for a second preservation. 

Our preservation process has been tested and perfected to ensure that your wedding dress maintains it’s color, shape, and integrity of the fabric. And we offer services for preserving your veil, shoes, and accessories as well! 

The Importance of Professionally Cleaning and Preserving Your Wedding Gown

There are kits that allow you to preserve your wedding dress from home. Unfortunately, you won’t know if it was done properly until it’s too late to reverse any damage done by a loose seal or unnoticed stain. If you choose to use a DIY wedding dress preservation kit, you should still have your dress professionally cleaned before you pack it away to ensure that there are no invisible stains lurking and waiting to yellow your beautiful reminder of the big day. 

Wedding gowns are usually made from very delicate materials. While your wedding day should be filled with fun, laughter, excitement, and dancing, all these activities often lead to stains and tears in your delicate dress. Spot cleaning and repairs should be left to the professionals for the best results. You don’t want to accidentally cause more damage and ruin your chances of preserving the gown!

At Hangers Cleaners, we care for every wedding gown with the highest standards of care and quality. We recognize how important these symbols of your big day are and we do our best to make sure they look just like new for years to come. 

When you bring your dress in to be professionally cleaned and preserved, the first thing we’ll do is assess your gown and decide on a care plan based on the fabric, cut, and embellishments. We’ll use specially formulated, gentle solvents and cleansers to thoroughly clean your gown without leaving behind any residue or unfortunate chemical smell. Targeted spot cleaning for particularly difficult or stubborn stains like grease and red wine are also included in your dry-cleaning fees. 

If your dress was ripped or torn, we can also provide minor repairs to keep them from getting worse. A stitch in time saves nine!

If you are planning to get married, or you’d like to have your wedding gown preserved, contact Hangers Cleaners today to speak with one of our wedding gown preservation specialists. We’re happy to walk you through the process, offer you a quote, and answer any questions you may have. 

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