How to Use a Laundry Service in Maumelle

Considering using a Laundry Service? The busy residents of Maumelle and central Arkansas are starting to favor having their laundry sent out instead of doing it at home. To many it sounds crazy. You are perfectly equipped to do laundry yourself. Why send it out? If you sat down to calculate the cost of a laundry service vs. how much time and brain power you’d be saving yourself, it may start to sound less crazy.

Here is what you need to do.

Do the math.

Many consider a laundry service a luxury service. It seems silly to pay someone else to do a chore you are well equipped to do on your own. Your time is valuable. Your brain power is valuable. Both are a limited resource. How much of these do you spend making sure the laundry gets done?


Compare the cost of doing your laundry and hiring a laundry service. How much do you spend on detergent, stain removers, laundry softeners, dryer sheets, and other laundry essentials. Add how much of your day you spend dealing with laundry. It adds up.


If you live alone, your laundry probably isn’t taking up much of your time and brain power. Someone with a family of five trying to manage a household will be a much different story.

Find a good laundry service. — We’d like to throw our name in the hat.

Laundry services are all over central Arkansas. Look at reviews, learn how extensive their service is (do they offer free delivery and pick up? — we do!), and pricing.


Do you know someone who uses a laundry service? Ask which service they use. The most trustworthy recommendations are the ones you’ll get in person.

Schedule a pick-up.

Ready to hand your basket of laundry over to the professionals? Schedule your laundry to be picked up, or when you will drop it off. For most laundry services, you can do this online or over the phone.


At Hangers Cleaners we offer an online portal for all our clients. Check it out here. Want to speak with a member of our team? Choose our most convenient location — we have several to choose from — and give us a call.

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Wait for fresh, clean, folded laundry to appear on your doorstep.

Unless you choose to pick-up your laundry, the laundry service will drop your fresh, clean, folded laundry at your door.

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