How to Keep Your Clothes from Wrinkling

When it comes to keeping your clothes wrinkle-free, the struggle is real. Most times it seems as though all you need to do is a couple hours of walking or sitting before the wrinkles set in, no matter how much you ironed your blouse. Everyone knows ironing is such a chore… but wrinkles can be so annoying! Luckily, nowadays you really don’t even need an iron to remove wrinkles from your clothing. Here are some super helpful tips for keeping your clothes from wrinkling! 

What Causes Clothes to Wrinkle?

Clothes get wrinkled because of two reasons: heat and water. The fabric in clothing is made up of bonded molecules. Heat and water break these bonds that hold the fabric in place. One the garment cools down, new bonds have formed, thus giving your clothing a new shape. 

Some fabrics are more prone to wrinkle than others because they are held together by bonds that hold water molecules together, meaning that they are highly absorbent materials. When the material gets wet, the fabric shape becomes modified. The water then evaporates and new hydrogen bonds lock in wrinkles. These fabrics include cotton, linen, and rayon. 

How to Keep Your Clothes from Wrinkling While Wearing

  • Use a little starch on the garment while ironing. This will give it a more crisp finish. 
  • Make sure that clothing is cool and dry before attempting to wear it. 
  • Don’t put pressure on your clothing, such as wearing heavy bags against the garment.
  • Make sure that you wear the right clothing size. Your body will naturally create wrinkles in the fabric if your clothing is too tight.  

How to Keep Your Clothes from Wrinkling When Packing

  • Try to pack wrinkle resistant clothing, such as silk, polyester, and viscose. 
  • Roll each garment from top to bottom and place side by side in your suitcase. Not only does this increase packing space in your luggage, but it also helps to prevent those annoying wrinkles! 
  • If possible, pack lightly. Packing clothes too tightly together causes more friction and wrinkles. (If you can’t pack lightly, separate each garment with tissue paper or a dryer sheet; this helps to reduce friction and wrinkles!)
  • Bring a travel steamer with you! These are great for quickly getting rid of wrinkles while on the go. 

How to Keep Your Clothes from Wrinkling in the Closet

  • Do NOT use wire hangers. Because they are thin and lightweight, the weight of your clothes can pull on the wire, creating new creases or causing the material to pucker. 
  • Make sure that your clothes are completely dry and cool before hanging up! 
  • Try not to overstuff your closet. Remember that your clothes need room to breathe; otherwise, too much friction will occur causing more wrinkles. 
  • Place each hanger one to two inches apart. This will ensure that each garment has enough breathing space.

How to Keep Your Clothes from Wrinkling in the Dryer 

  • Make sure to take your clothing out of the dryer immediately after the cycle has ended. It is important to hang or fold the clothes immediately to keep them from wrinkling. 
  • When unloading the dryer, hold each garment high and sharply shake it to get rid of any wrinkles before folding or putting away. 
  • Don’t dry too much clothing at once. Overstuffing your dryer will not leave enough room for your clothing to return to their natural shapes. 
  • Make sure that you are using the appropriate drying cycles for the clothes. Read labels on your clothing to know which is best for that load of laundry. Some fabrics require high heat, while others require low heat. 

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