Garment Cleaning: What Makes Our Favorite Garments Our Favorites?

An army green jacket with lots of pockets. A t-Shirt you grabbed out of the air at a ball game. We all have our favorite item of clothing! Sometimes it’s an intentional style choice. Other times it just happens, and your friends are surprised to learn you even own different shoes.

Here are a few reasons why an item of clothing makes its way to the top of your list of “favorite things to wear.”

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The Item Is Easy To Care For.

Maybe you’ve got a closet full of office-wear. Most of it is the kind that needs to be pressed or dry-cleaned. Your favorite garment is often the one that doesn’t need much care from you. You can throw it in the dryer.


The Item Is Somehow Still Around.

Moving. Cleaning. “Borrowing.” Traveling. All these things may cause us to lose a garment. Some garments, however, never leave your wardrobe. Every time you do an inventory of your closet, choosing less-liked items you could do without, this garment scores a “keep.”

Maybe you’re not even sure why the item is sentimental. It’s just too good to part with. Soon, you’ll realize this garment has been there for you for decades. It’s a favorite.


The Item Has Sentimental Value.

It sparks joy because it reminds you of something good in your life. Maybe it is an heirloom garment passed down from the generations ahead of you. It could be attached to a good memory or an important part of your life. There are so many unique criteria that make an item sentimental.


Fits Just Right.

The clothing industry has yet to come to terms with the fact that we are all very uniquely — beautifully — shaped. If you happen to find a garment that is snug in all the right places, you’ll wear it every chance you get.

At Hangers Cleaners we can help you do small alterations. If you’ve got a garment that is super close to being just the right fit, we’ll help you make the small adjustments to get it there!


Is Just A Little “Extra.”

Our choice of clothing is a very significant way we showcase our personality. Your favorite item could be your favorite because it is very good at showcasing the style-side of your personality you want to broadcast every day.

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