Curtain Cleaning: Do I need to Dry Clean My Curtains?

The idea is that curtains look nice all the time. They are a lovely addition to the house. You have excellent taste in interior design.

The truth? Behind every fabric window treatments are hours of dusting, cleaning, and rehanging.

Curtains collect dust. This dust can discolor the curtains and increase the amount of allergens in the air.

If you’ve recently re-modeled or re-decorated your home and now have proper curtains to deal with, here are a few things you should know about dry cleaning your curtains.


Hangers Cleaners Will Clean Your Curtains

Firstly, we don’t want you to feel overwhelmed. Many customers bring us their curtains just because they don’t even know where to begin. We can help! If not — there are some pretty extravagant window treatments out there, we’ll find you someone that can.

That’s the benefit of working with a local dry cleaners! — One of many!


How Long Have Your Curtains Been Untouched?

In an ideal world, curtains would get dusted every month. Maybe twice a month during pollen season.

Get a close-up view of your curtains and take an honest look at the dust situation. Are they visibly dusty? It’s time for a clean.

Light-colored sheer curtains, made out of chambray, flax-linen, light cotton, need to be washed every month. Once you notice the dust, it is probably too late to reverse the discoloration.

If you are in a serious dust situation with your curtains, you may want to ask for some help. A little expertise could mean the difference between discoloration and getting your curtains back up looking just like they did when they were brand-new.


How Wash-Friendly Are Your Curtains?

Using your interior design skills, you’ve created a beautiful living room. Keep it that way by properly washing your curtains.

Most curtains will have a care tag. Read it carefully and follow those directions.

If you are going to try and wash your curtains in a wash machine, do a spot test first. You will be thanking yourself for it! Spot a small piece of the curtain in a solution of water and the detergent you will be using. If there is any discoloration, warping, or sagging, these curtains are not ready for the wash machine.

Beautiful curtains that respond poorly to a detergent spot-testing need to be dry-cleaned. It’s time to call in the pros.


How Old Are Your Curtains?

The sun-side of your curtains, even if they don’t get direct sunlight, will weaken over time. If you have vintage curtains or curtains that have been in the family for a few years, take sun damage into consideration.

Should you avoid vintage or heirloom curtains for good? Certainly not! Sun-damaged curtains can still be washed. It just may be a little more work on your part.

If you are not confident enough in your laundry skills — or just don’t have the time — to hand-wash your curtains, take them to a pro. The extra cost will be much worth it to have your priceless curtains in your home once again.