Best Ways To Spend The Free Time You’ll Have When You Use Laundry Service

We are so excited to get new customers taking advantage of our laundry service. At Hangers Cleaners, we know how valuable your time is. Getting some help with your day-to-day chores is a great way to spend your time wisely.


Now that you’ve freed up your time — think of how much time you spend doing laundry, that is all back to you now! — here are some of the best ways to spend free time.



Hold up! Don’t skim over this daunting, yet very important suggestion. So many of us hear about how important it is to live an active lifestyle. That is not the kind of exercise we are thinking of.


You now have time to find an activity that you enjoy. An exercise that takes 30 minutes can significantly reduce your stress.


We aren’t fitness experts, but we’re pretty sure that dancing around the kitchen while you cook — or waiting on the microwave — is an excellent way to exercise.


Enjoy a hobby.

What is your hobby? Use the time you would have spent folding laundry to invest in your favorite activity. Spend time in nature. Let yourself be creative with different kinds of arts and crafts.


Hobbies are often great for advancing your career, even if your hobby has nothing to do with your career goals. Doing something you enjoy will help prevent burnout at work. It will also get your brain used to learning again.


Learn something.

Now that you are inspired to learn again, pick up a book. There are so many classes to take in Maumelle and the Little Rock area. Do some research or ask around.


You can also learn new things by seeking out new experiences. Look for ways to get inspired. Arkansas has so many outdoor wonders to explore.


Hang out with the important people in your life.

Be intentional about spending time with the important people in your life. We all know how important it is to have authentic relationships in our lives. Now that you have some extra time, you can chat, hang out, go dancing, or whatever you like to do with your friends.


Take care of yourself.

Self-care can look differently for different people. There are a few general rules we can use to help.

  • Get enough sleep.
  • Eat well.
  • Take a real vacation every now and then.

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