6 Laundry Hacks You Need to Know

We know that laundry is far from most people’s favorite chore (if there is such a thing). Waiting for the wash, transporting soaking wet clothes, sorting and folding… it can be a real downer. That’s why we pulled together this laundry list of tips and hacks to make laundry day a little more bearable. 

1. Sort It Out!

Sorting your laundry can feel nit-picky and naggy, but it’s actually a very important step that you shouldn’t skip if you’re looking for A-list laundry results! Obviously, you should be keeping your whites separate (you are washing your whites separately aren’t you??). But did you know you should also be sorting your laundry by fabric type or soil level?

This ensures that you’re separating your gym sweats from your work blouses and allows you to follow the care instructions for your various items while avoiding damage to delicate pieces. We know it feels like one extra step, but the five minutes it takes to sort the laundry can save you so much frustration and money in the long run!

2. Play Ball!

Once you start using dryer balls, you’ll never look back. Dryer balls are reusable, environmentally friendly, and energy-efficient. These magical orbs attract heat and moisture, which effectively cuts your dry times by about 40%. This means you can save big on energy bills. Cutting back on dryer time also helps prevent shrinking and discoloration that can be caused by excessive heat. And since dryer balls are (typically) unscented, they’re a great choice for those who prefer hypo-allergenic options! 

3. Iron Out the Wrinkles (Without an Iron!)

If you hate ironing – or don’t own one (no judgment) – there is a way to avoid wrinkles without the hardware! Just dampen a small piece of cloth (a handkerchief, sock, or washcloth will do the trick) and toss it into the dryer with your wrinkled item. As the dryer heats up, the damp cloth will heat up as well, causing the water to evaporate in the form of steam. And steam is excellent for smoothing out wrinkles. Give it about 10 minutes and voila! Iron-free ironing.

Just note that this does NOT work with some fabrics. Taffeta, silk, and other delicate items may not completely de-wrinkle or can even become damaged in the dryer. Check the care instructions to make sure the item is not “dry clean only” before trying this trick.

4. Sock It Away!

If you always seem to lose yet another sock every time you do laundry, this trick will save you an astounding amount of frustration and new sock money. Just toss all your socks and delicates in a mesh sack before you toss them in the wash. Keep them in the bag for drying and there you have it – perfectly matched pairs of socks every single time!

To save even more time, use the mesh bag as your sock hamper and toss your socks straight into it throughout the week. Then you just have to grab and go on laundry day instead of sorting for socks!

5. ‘Tis the Season

Before you pack away your summer wardrobe or shove your sweaters to the back of the closet until next year, make sure you wash them. There are certain stains caused by clear fluids like sweat or white wine that are invisible now – but they yellow over time. Protect yourself from permanent pit-stains and wine woes and make sure you have a special laundry day for your seasonal wardrobe before you pack it up. 

6. Let It Go

Did you know that you absolutely do not have to do your own laundry if you don’t want to? Instead of dreading laundry day, just leave your special blue bag on the doorstep and then go about your day! Like magic, your clothes will appear on your doorstep – clean, pressed, and never ever dyed pink from a stray red sock. One less responsibility doesn’t have to be a luxury. Contact Hangers Cleaners about our affordable laundry services – we even offer free delivery and pick-up!