4 Tips From A Local Laundry Service On Making Laundry A Less Daunting Task

Why do some people take a whole week to do laundry? It is actually very understandable. If you ever find yourself in this never ending battle with laundry pile-up and needing something to wear, we are here to help. Hangers Cleaners offers a laundry service to the central Arkansas area. We’ll get you to a fresh start. You’ll be the champion of laundry in no time.

Many of us get caught up in a frustrating cycle of always having laundry to do. Say you start laundry, with every intention of finishing, but get distracted. Then you realize your laundry has been sitting, wet in the washing machine and you need to run the cycle again — we recommend using vinegar instead of detergent for this. The load finally gets to the dryer because you need to do another load.

Now that it is in the dryer you must make time to either throw it in a pile of what you think is clean laundry or just use the dryer as a closet — like this guy.

There are so many simple things you can do to make laundry easier for yourself. Here are a few tips.


1. Give yourself space to do laundry.

Do you have enough space to fold your laundry after it has been dried? Or do you need to clean off a surface first?

If you are sorting piles of laundry, make sure you have enough room to sort and keep the pile separate.


2. Get organized.

An organized laundry room could mean all the difference between a cycle of constant laundry and getting it all done in one evening or day — it depends on how many people you are doing laundry for.

Install shelving for your detergents, stain removers, wool dryer balls, mesh laundry bags, and more.


3. Prepare for that difficult-to-wash garment.

Don’t let your favorite garment hang in the laundry room for months because it takes a few extra steps to get it cleaned properly. Have your delicate laundry products accessible and make sure you have enough room to hang or dry your garment flat.


4. Sort your laundry every day.

This laundry hack doesn’t work for everyone. The idea is to sort your garments as soon as you are done wearing them. When it is time to do laundry, you’ll have your loads ready to go.

You can also sort your clothes based on how urgently they’ll need to be washed.