4 Reasons Vinegar Is The Best Thing To Have In Your Laundry Room

Vinegar is a laundry miracle for some of the most common struggles we run into while doing laundry. 

Here are a few reasons we at Hangers Cleaners recommend vinegar. 


1. The color that your garment was before it went into the washing machine, will be the same color when the cycle is over.

White distilled vinegar is great for colors! Much of the discoloration your darker garments suffer after being washed is from a build-up of detergent soap and laundry softeners. Vinegar has the unique ability to dissolve soap without damaging fibers. 


However, you still want the detergent to do a good job of cleaning. This is why it is most recommended to use vinegar in the last rinse cycle. For older dryers, you can do this manually. Newer dryers that have automatic dispensers for bleach and softeners to dispense the vinegar at just the right time. 


2. Your white garments can stay freshly white, without harsh chemicals. 

Vinegar is also friendly to your white garments. When you’ve got a dingy once-white garment, the first thing most of us reach for is the bleach. Bleach isn’t the best option because it deteriorates natural fabrics like cotton over time. 


You can keep your whites white without using harsh chemicals like bleach. Make sure the vinegar you buy for laundry has no natural dyes — AKA tannins. You should also avoid cider vinegars. White distilled vinegar is great at perking up dingy white garments. It works in standard and high-efficiency washing machines. 


3. Vinegar in the washing machine will reduce static cling in the dryer.  

Your garments will have less lint and pet hair to deal with when they head to the dryer. Vinegar is the best fabric softener there is!


4. Your clothes will smell fresh, free of even the most stubborn of odors. 

Vinegar has a potent scent. So the idea that it could neutralize odors on your garments might seem like a stretch. It’s true!


The reason your garment smells bad is due to a build-up of bacteria. Vinegar is great for killing bacteria. You can even use it as a household cleaner if you need to get rid of mold. Use it to get rid of smoke smells, musty sports gear, active wear, sweat stains, mildew, and more.


In the wash, the vinegar will kill the bacteria causing your garment to smell bad. Then the washing machine will rinse off the vinegar, so your garment won’t come out smelling like vinegar either.