3 Tips to Keep Your Clothes Closet Organized and Fresh

Too many of us tend to take an out-of-sight-out-of-mind approach to our closets. But when you just toss everything in willy-nilly, you end up wasting time and money. Not being able to easily find the clothes you want to wear or clothes that match can lead to “I have nothing to wear” syndrome, which usually ends up in a shopping trip. Even if you do find the clothes you want to wear, it may take 30 minutes to pull together an outfit rather than five. 

Improper storage can also lead to damaged and wrinkled clothing. If it’s damaged, the cost of repair or replacement can set back your budget. And wrinkled and rumpled clothing means more time ironing or even fully re-washing. 

Get your time and your money back by properly organizing your closet. Not sure where to start? Try out these tips and tricks from the clothes professionals at Hangers!

1. Make Space With a Closet Purge

Unless you work in fashion or have an extensive vintage couture collection, we bet half of your cluttered closet is completely disposable. Whether you’re holding onto clothes that are three sizes too small (thanks 2020) or you have a bunch of fast fashion pieces that have been out of style for a while, clothing that hasn’t been worn in months—even years–should be donated to make space for the things you truly love and will actually wear.  

A true purge is an all-day project, so make sure you have the time and energy to commit. Clear your schedule and then take everything out of your closet. Yes. Everything. Go through each piece one by one and decide if you’re going to keep, donate, or trash it. Damaged and stained clothing should be thrown away or repurposed as cleaning rags. Clothes that are too small, out of style, or that you no longer feel drawn to should be donated or sold. 

Clean your closet from top to bottom–dust, vacuum, and scrub, if necessary. Then the “keep” clothes pile you end up with can be hung up and placed back in your closet. If it’s still looking a little overstuffed or disorganized, try some of the tips below!

2. Place Shelving and Storage Under Your Hanging Clothes

A dresser, a shoe rack, a cabinet, open shelves…choose the storage option that works best for your space and desired aesthetic. But make sure you’re using the space under your hanging clothes to the fullest extent possible. 

This space is best used for items like sweaters and jeans that are too bulky to hang or delicate items that would be damaged by hangers. You can also store accessories like purses, boxes of scarves, and belts in the dresser. Just make sure you organize by drawer and make everything visible and easy to reach so you won’t end up with cluttered junk drawers you’re afraid to open. 

3. Invest in Quality Hangers

“No wire hangers” isn’t just tantrum material from “Mommy Dearest”. It’s also actually good advice. Wire hangers can cause damage to your clothing. Big plastic hangers take up too much room and have those awful cutouts in them that leave imprints on your shirts or give your cardigans those weird little wings on the shoulders. 

Instead, invest in high-quality, slimline velvet hangers. They don’t take up extra room and the fabric keeps clothes in place, keeping them from falling to the floor. Choose all one color if possible to give your closet a uniform and organized feel that we promise you’ll find refreshing. 

Switching out your closet for the coming season? Hanger’s Cleaners can help you keep your wardrobe fresh! And if your storage just can’t contain your closet, we also offer seasonal storage to keep your clothes safe and fresh all year round! Contact us for more information.

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