Dry cleaning is an “Essential business”

Hangers will remain open

In response to the Covid19 virus, we are adjusting our hours of operation. The new hours are

Monday thru Friday 9am – 5pm 

Saturday 8am-2pm 

Hangers is committed to helping reduce the spread of disease in our community and safeguarding our customers by sterilizing your garments, bedding and other household laundry items. Sterilization is a standard part of our cleaning process. Now is the time to clean and store your winter garments and freshen bed linens and blankets

For the most minimal interactions, customers are encouraged to take advantage of our Free Home Pickup and Delivery Service. All new sign ups receive 20% off for two months. 

Store customers should enroll in our Express program. You will receive the following: 2 personalized laundry bags easy drop off and pickup without the wait. Eliminate the need for in person payment. Your credit card on file will be automatic payment

Our top priority is keeping our employees and customers safe. The CDC has clearly communicated that the most important preventative measure we can take is persistant, extensive cleaning. All locations are undergoing rigorous cleaning beyond our regular schedule. This includes frequent cleaning of high touch areas including counters, door handles, pin pads, vehicles and 24 hour drop boxes

We have increased the number of hand sanitizers, gloves, wipes and other cleaning materials available at our stores for regular use by employees. Additionally, we are continually communicating with our employees the importance of personal hygiene and frequent hand washing

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us at 5012278500 or customerservice@hangersar.com

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