How We Clean | Cleaning Service


You can trust that your cleaning is done in a way that is safe for you, your clothes and the environment. We clean with biodegradable, organic cleaning agents instead of the notorious Perc. In everything we do, it’s our goal to reduce our environmental footprint.

We are proud to do our part by:
• Operating a wet-cleaning, perc-free plant, exceeding EPA standards
• Recycling literally tons of wire hangers
• Using recyclable plastic garment bags (every ton you return saves 17 Trees)
• Providing reusable garment bags, eliminating paper garment covers
• Using recycled paper and sustainable products wherever possible in all our stores

And, we clean your clothes with a process that leaves no chemical smell. The environment thanks you and so will your nose. Hangers is odor-free, eco-friendly at all five locations. It makes your clothes smell better, feel better and last longer.

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