Fall Sweaters | Here’s Why You Should Get Your Jackets and Sweaters Cleaned Now

The PSL has dropped, leaves are changing color, Arkansas’ weather hasn’t gotten the message but it will soon. Autumn is here!

It’s a good idea to send your jackets and sweaters off to be cleaned before temperatures drop too drastically. Hangers Cleaners offers free dry cleaning delivery for all your fall sweaters and jackets. We’ll have your favorite, cozy, fall sweater fresh and ready to go in no time. 

Here are a few reasons to get your fall sweaters and protective outerwear cleaned early. 


1. Now is a great time to update your fall wardrobe. 

Are you the same person you were last fall? While some of us are comfortable sticking with our fall staples and familiar garments for as long as possible, there are a few creative dressers out there who need (like) new options. 

Do your fall garments spark joy? If not, it’s time to donate your fall-wear and let someone else create a look with them. If they do spark joy, but you are wanting a new look, there is no need to throw them out. Accessories can work wonders on a last-season outfit. 

Ready to clean out your closet? Cleaning your fall clothes early gives you time to possibly sell last year’s items. You’ll have a bigger shopping budget and a less crowded closet. 

Remember, a good, well-cared-for sweater is fairly timeless. Even an ever-evolving fashionista knows to hang on to that sweater – the one you reach for every time you suspect a chill – once you find it. 


2. Get the most u$e out of your best fall sweaters and jackets. 

Your fall staples weren’t destined to sit in the back of your closet. 

Good sweaters and other cold-weather garments can be pricy. If you’ve splurged on a good sweater or jacket, take care of it. Make the most of your investment by having it ready for fall beforehand. 

What are your fall staples? The basic garments that make up your fall looks are considered staples. They are the most important garments in your fall wardrobe because they are the bases every look will rely on. A blanket scarf? A good pair of corduroy jeans? That jacket you’d never leave home without? All these things could be staples. 

Not sure which garments you want to invest in? Get some inspiration! Do your research before investing in anything too pricy. You’ll want to get a quality garment at a reasonable price. 


3. Ready-to-wear fall garments will save you time and reduce stress. 

How do you get past the early-morning decision paralysis and to make a solid decision on an outfit you will feel comfortable in and will be appropriate for all the activities you have planned for the day?

Asking for a friend. 

Although outfit planning might not be as widely recommended as meal planning, it has its own benefits. Clean fall garments allow you to plan your wardrobe before the week starts. Here are a few reasons to plan your outfits. 


  • Less stress. Choosing the clothes you are wearing for the day may not be the toughest part of your morning routine, but it is one more thing you can simplify by planning ahead. Hopefully avoiding that panic that sets in when you realize the garments you need are in the hamper and you need to come up with something totally new. 
  • Faster morning routine. Some of us love to take our time, some of us just want to start the day. However you like your morning routine, it will benefit from simplicity. 
  • Easier morning routine. Save some decision-making energy for the more important things in your life.
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