Washing Your Clothes on A Camping Trip

Hangers Cleaners offers convenient locations at Shackelford, the Heights, Hillcrest, Chenal, and Park Hill. We offer a free delivery service so we can pick up and drop off your garments right at your front door. 

We don’t, however, have any locations in rural camping areas. And our free delivery service won’t make it all the way to the Rockies. So here are a few methods for doing laundry while you are camping — should you need to.

1. Many campsites have laundromat-like facilities. 

It might be a step back from your full immersion into nature, but clean clothes are worth it. A garment caked in mud or stained with sticky fruit juice could really put a damper on a nature hike. 

It might just be good to know the laundromat is there should you need it. You can worry less about staying clean and focus on enjoying your camping trip. ! 

2. DIY portable washing machine. 

This washing machine is basically a five gallon bucket powered by a newly-bought plunger. It might take a little elbow grease, but it is very effective. You’ll have one for washing and one for rinsing. 

Get your kids in on the action! The sloshing and splashing could be entertaining for a short while.

Important Note: When washing your clothes on a campsite, be very mindful of the kind of detergent you use and where you dispose of the wash water once you are done doing laundry. Look for plant-based, biodegradable detergents. Eco-friendly detergents are available on Amazon or at most supermarkets.

3. The Scrubba Bag

In a pinch a clean trash bag could work for this method too. This bag is specifically designed for doing laundry whenever and wherever you want. You fill the bag with water, add biodegradable detergent, and a small-ish load of laundry. Shake the bag to simulate the cycle of a washing machine. 

4. Drying your freshly-laundered clothes. 

Now that you’ve got some clean camping clothes ready to go, it’s time to dry. Line drying is your best bet when you are doing laundry on a camping trip. If the weather is not good, you may need to get creative. 

Here are some tips on line drying: Can You Line Dry In The Winter?

How do you keep your clothes clean on a camping trip? 

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