4 Clothing Boutiques In Hillcrest and The Heights | Don’t Avoid Those “Dry Clean Only” Beauties

Does this sound familiar: You are out shopping at one of your favorite boutiques. You see a new garment that is just perfect — color, fit, and price. You look at the care tag and see that the garment is “dry clean only”. Thinking ‘who has time for that?’, you soberly return the garment to the rack. 

We have good news for you: Dry cleaning has come a long way! At Hangers we use a wet-cleaning dry cleaning system that avoids harmful chemicals. We offer free delivery right to your door — it’ll be like the garment never left your closet. 

Now that you know Hangers can make those “dry clean only” beauties a reality. Here are a few Arkansas boutiques tucked away in the in the Hillcrest area and in the Heights. 

1. RK Collections

At  RK Collections you’ll find everything stylish, fun, and on-trend! They have a great selection of clothing for Men, Women, and Children. This is a great place to shop if you are looking to try a new style. It’s also a perfect place to find gifts for loved ones. 

Find RK Collections at 400 N Bowman Rd, 1A. 

2. E. Leighs

If you’ve been on Kavanaugh in Hillcrest, you’ve probably seen this boutique. It is conveniently located right next to River City Coffee. Erin Leigh Hohnbaum, the founder, wanted to create a boutique with a shopping experience like none other. After all, what is fashion if it’s not fun? 

Find that summer dress. The one you pare with all different accessories so you can wear it over and over again. 

  1. Leighs is expanding fast! They have locations in Fayetteville, Conway, Kentucky, and Texas. 

3. Belle & Blush

Want to shop for cosmetics with an esthetician? Belle & Blush is your boutique. It is located in West Little Rock, but they are well worth a visit. They have a wonderful collection of makeup, skincare, stationary, jewelry, and clothing. The on-staff estheticians do more than just makeup. They offer luxury facials, organic spray tans, and more. Find exclusive brands and luxuries right here in Little Rock — no need to pay shipping.

This boutique is a great place to put together the perfect gift for just about anyone. They have a unique experience when it comes to gift selections. At Belle & Blush customers can curate their own personal gift boxes. 

Find this boutique in the Promenade at 17815 Chenal Parkway. 

4. Simply Dixie. 

Another Kavanaugh boutique. This one you’ll find in the Heights. Simply Dixie Boutique is always onto something new. They love trends! But they also believe style is personal to each customer. Even though they are located among exclusive high-end shops, their pricing is competitive.

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