4 Reasons to Should Choose Steam Cleaning Over Ironing and Chemicals 

Hangers Cleaners is a wet-cleaning dry cleaners in Little Rock. Learn more about wet-cleaning dry cleaning process here. We take full advantage of the magic of steam cleaning. Here are four reasons you should too.


Whether you’ve got a job for the pros at Hangers Cleaners or a smaller task you can handle yourself, steam cleaning is a great option.


1. Steam cleaning is a better option for getting rid of wrinkles.

Steam cleaning is a great way to get your clothes wrinkle-free without an ironing board. The moisture from the steam relaxes the fabric. The wrinkles melt away. It’s best to use a steam cleaner starting at the top of a garment and work your way down.


Not every outfit calls for that crisp just-ironed look. Ironing can damage garments if you aren’t careful with the temperature and technique. Steam cleaning will gently remove wrinkles and give your garments a relaxed, natural look.


2. It will remove wrinkles AND dirt.

Hand-held steamers are often used to spot clean dry clean-only garments, or garments too delicate to wash. The steam removes dirt and grime from your garment by re-hydrating and sanitizing the area.


Steam cleaning can clean fabric without harsh chemicals. Ever boil water so it is safe to drink? High temperatures kill bacteria. A steam cleaners use the same technique. The steam coming out of the cleaner reaches temperatures above the boiling point of water.


It is important to note that, while a hand-held steamer doesn’t need to come in contact with the garment it is cleaning, it is still extremely hot. Use the same amount of caution you would with an iron.


3. You can reduce the number of allergens in your home.

During the fall and spring, allergens are everywhere. You can’t go outside without coming in contact with pollen. To keep the allergens out of your home you end up throwing your favorite sweater or light-weight jacket in the wash machine after one wear.


Steam cleaning will kill the allergens on your garments. It is much faster, more effective, and more gentle than a cycle in the wash machine. So go ahead and enjoy your favorite woolen sweater!


This is also a good reason to use steam cleaning on upholstery and any drapery you have in your home. Hovering  a hand-held steam cleaner over your furniture is a sure way to kill all the bacteria and allergens.


4. Your clothes will smell better.

When fabric smells bad, it is because odor-causing bacteria has found its way to the area and settled in. Steam cleaning will kill this odor-causing bacteria just like all the other bacteria on the fabric.


Odor gone!




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