4 Garments To Send Out For Dry Cleaning Delivery Before Spring

When the weather gets cold, most of us opt out of our favorite garments in favor of wearing something warmer. Spring is the season for bringing all those favorites to the front of your closet.


Send your favorite spring garments out to be cleaned with Hangers Cleaners dry cleaning delivery — we offer free delivery in Maumelle, too.


You’ll be thankful to have your favorite warm-weather garments ready when Spring arrives. You will find creative ways to wear them with the uneven temperatures.


1. Your favorite lightweight jacket.

The perfect solution for cold mornings and warm afternoons. Spring is a great time for bomber jackets, light windbreakers, jean jackets, and pretty much any other jacket that isn’t puffy or have faux fur.


This lightweight jacket is easy to carry around. It’ll be right there when you need it — making your outfit look better, not covered-up.


2. Your favorite denim garments.

Had to pass on your favorite distressed jeans or vintage denim vest? No more! It is time for jeans, vests, button-downs, jackets, and more. Any time of the year is a great time for denim. Spring fashion takes advantage of it’s lightweight feel and look that can go with just about everything.


Try something new: Wear denim with denim. This used to be a fashion faux pas, but now rules are out the window. The denim on denim look is getting the appreciation it deserves. Spring is a great time for clever, thoughtful, and trendy outfits. You need to layer your look anyways. Why not have some fun?


3. Your favorite shoes.

Good all-weather shoes are key to staying warm in the winter. Most of us only have one pair of really good all-weather boots that we wear with everything all winter. It isn’t a fashion statement, it is just very cold outside.


Spring means no more harsh weather conditions that require these trusty all-weather shoes. Shoes can be fun again. You can dig through your closet and bring out your favorites. Enjoy comfy sneakers, breathable sandals, on-trend mules, and more.


4. Your trusty rain gear.

Spring means rain. Get your umbrella, rain jacket, and boots ready to go. Love bright colors? What better way to brighten a gloomy day than with a brightly colored umbrella — or if you love rainy days, add to it.

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