How To Do Laundry Like a Pro

Are you doing your laundry properly? Maybe you’ve been doing laundry on your own for years. Do you know how to correctly decipher washing machine symbols?


There are a few common misconceptions about doing laundry that can lead to damaging your garments over time, causing you to spend more money than you need to, and take up more time than required.


Here are a few tips that will have you doing your laundry like a pro in no time.


You know it is good to sort your laundry so that the new red garment you are about to wash doesn’t turn the rest of your garments pink. Sorting is actually much more than that.


Do you need to sort by color? The answer is: yes, but not as extensively. Most of your laundry can be washed in cold water. Cold water helps prevent colors from bleeding. The only garments you should consider washing in hot water are the ones that are caked in dirt and possibly any cotton-based bed sheets and undergarments.


Sort your laundry by how each garment needs to be cleaned. Check the care tag on your garments and identify the fabric they are made of. This will help you use the correct settings on your washing machine and more.


You can make your life much easier by putting all the garments that need to be air dried in one load. This way you won’t have to sort your laundry a second time before putting the load in the dryer.

Clean your appliances.

Your washer needs washing. Here is a video from the founder of Hangers Cleaners.



Proper motivation.

Let’s face it. Laundry is an un-ending chore all of us deal with, and often get behind on. Encourage yourself to fold or hang your garments as soon as they dry.


Don’t be discouraged by laundry mistakes. They happen! Some are irreversible. But some can be sorted out with a little patience and maybe some professional help.


If you are dealing with a particularly annoying issue on laundry day, ask us about it. We’d love to help.

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