How To Clean Christmas Tree Skirts

Christmas tree skirts rarely have care tags. Most people find themselves having to determine the best way to care for their tree skirt without the help of laundry care symbols. We can help.


Fabric-based Christmas decorations are a great choice for their longevity, and often their sentimentality. When you get out your boxes of Christmas decorations you want your long-awaited decor is ready to go. A properly cleaned, fabric-based Christmas decorative piece will wait safely in storage for the season to come back around.


Taking your Christmas tree skirt to a local dry cleaner, like Hangers Cleaners, is not always necessary. However, should you find yourself with a stained heirloom, dusty-yet-delicately-embroidered fabric, a plush pillow or stuffed animal that has been passed down from generations, or any other fabric decor that has seen better days, Hangers Cleaners has you covered!


When to clean your Christmas tree skirt.

In some cases, it may be more cost-effective to simply replace your tree skirt rather than have it cleaned.


However, most families decorate their home with cherished holiday decor for Christmas. Here are a few situations where you should clean your skirt.


  • The skirt was a gift from someone special. This is especially applicable if the skirt is handmade.
  • The skirt is a family heirloom. Generations of your family have been opening Christmas gifts left on this skirt. You have it in Christmas memories as far back as you can remember.
  • The skirt is simply a favorite. You found it on a whim and it really brings together all your holiday decor.


In this case, we highly recommend taking the skirt to the dry cleaners (like us!) before being put in storage.


How to clean your Christmas tree skirt.

Christmas tree skirts also serve to protect the flooring under your tree from falling debris and tree sap. Since they are placed on the floor, the most common culprit is dust, dirt, tree sap, animal urine — especially if you have new or older pets–, and spills.


Don’t fret! These are all curable.


While your tree skirt is in play, watch for stains. Treating a spot quickly is the key to keeping it in pristine condition. Treat stains with as little treatment and blotting as possible. Use cold water to prevent any discoloration and be sure to only blot, do not scrub.


If you need to remove any visible dirt, sap, or spill remnants, carefully use a dull kitchen knife. Oil-based stains are often best treated with baby powder.


When to take your Christmas tree skirt to dry cleaners like Hangers Cleaners:

Stain treatment isn’t the end-all for caring for your skirt. Eventually, it will need to be properly cleaned. Even if you are diligent with your Christmas tree skirt, there is dust and dirt trapped in the skirt you simply can’t see.


When it is time for all your Christmas decor to return to their boxes. It is also time to determine the best course of action to clean your skirt. The last thing you want is for your skirt to be in storage with dirt.


Hangers Cleaners offers a variety of cleaning methods. We love the Christmas season and want to help you preserve your cherished memories for years to come. If you are unsure how to clean your Christmas tree skirt, we can help!

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