6 Tips For Steam Cleaning Your Garments At Home

Steam cleaning is an easy and effective way to freshen up garments that have wrinkles or stale, closet smells. The heat from the steam kills any bacteria that has accumulated on the fabric and the steamed water releases wrinkles.

While steamers aren’t the end-all for doing your laundry at home. They will certainly help you in a pinch.

Here are a few tips.


1. Double check the instruction manual for a new steamer.

Steam cleaning a garment with a handheld steamer is pretty straightforward. However, it is always a good idea to glance over the instructions to see if there are any warnings or features you need to know about.


2. Check the care tag on the garment.

Don’t wait until the last minute. Not every garment can be steam cleaned at home. Steam cleaning may seem like the perfect solution for any garment. The truth is, there are a few high-end fabrics and embellishments that aren’t up for being blasted with hot steam.


3. Make sure you have space.

Steam cleaners don’t take up as much space as irons do. That is one of their most praised features. They still need some space. Steam garments from top to bottom. Then air dry it on a rust-proof hanger.


4. Don’t steam clean a garment while you are wearing it.

This may seem like common sense. However, say you are about to walk out the door and you notice a wrinkle on the collar or cuff of your shirt. The steam is much hotter than you think. It has the same strength as an iron.

Take the extra time to properly steam your garment. Your skin will thank you.


5. Take your steam cleaner to do some household cleaning.

A steam cleaner can kill bacteria and freshen up drapes, upholstery, bedding, throw pillows, carpet, and more. This is an especially great option for delicate fabric decor, like a vintage doily.


6. Congrats! Steam cleaning is eco-friendly.

It just takes water to fill and use a steam cleaner. No harsh chemicals. At Hangers Cleaners, we use eco-friendly dry cleaning techniques which includes steam cleaning. Our steam cleaners are a little different than handheld ones, but we still enjoy using them.

There is nothing quite like a freshly steamed garment.

If you have a delicate garment that needs some freshening-up, bring it to Hangers Cleaners. We’ll have your garments fresh, unwrinkled, and ready to go in no time.

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