At Hangers Cleaners, we do more than just garment cleaning. We clean bedding and more. If you are trying to clean an older, well-loved stuffed animal or heirloom toy, stop by and see if our team can help. We are conveniently located in Maumelle, Little Rock, and North Little Rock.

Most stuffed toys can be washed in a washing machine. There are a few exceptions.

  • Does the toy have a music box or audio device that can not be removed? Any electronics that are sewed in won’t make it through a cycle in the washing machine, let alone a garment cleaning.
  • Is the toy stuffed with anything other than batting? The only stuffed toys that can be washed in the washing machine are the ones stuffed with batting. Sorry, Beanie Babies are not safe for the washing machine—but we have other solutions for you.
  • Are any of the stuffed toy’s components glued on? Look for sequins and other accessories. The only exception to this is if the eyes are glued on. Usually manufacturers use strong enough glue on stuffed animal eyes for them to survive the washing machine or garment cleaning.
  • The stuffed toy is old or fragile. Even if the toy doesn’t have any of the other exceptions, don’t risk putting a well-loved, older toy in the wash. We recommend hand washing or other means of cleaning. You may need to do some research to determine what is the best and most safe way to clean that toy.
  • Does the toy require any maintenance? If there are rips or other issues on the toy, a washing machine will only make the issue worse. Possibly rendering the toy un-fixable.

Garment Cleaning the Stuffed Animal or Toy.

Once you’ve determined that the stuffed animal or stuffed toy is safe for a cycle in the washing machine or garment cleaning. Here are a few tips to ensure a successful trip through the washing machine.

  • Place the toy in a mesh laundry bag or a garment cleaning safe pillowcase. Only put one stuffed animal in each bag, to reduce any friction damage.
  • Run the washing machine on a cool or warm, gentle cycle. If you have a washing machine with an agitator, it’s best to remove it before the wash.
  • For additional padding in the drum of the washing machine, wash the toys the same time you wash your towels or garment cleaning.
  • Does your stuffed animal need to be disinfected after caring for a sick human? There are laundry sanitizers that don’t contain bleach. Read the directions and add the product to the wash.
  • Don’t use extra detergent. If the only thing in the load is stuffed animals, try only using half the amount of detergent recommended for a load of that size. We don’t recommend using laundry softeners

Time to Dry!

The best way to dry a stuffed animal or toy is to air-dry it. However, at this point your little one may have noticed the absence of their beloved stuffed animal. If you are in a hurry to return the toy to it’s eager owner, here are a few things you can do to speed along the drying process.

  • Get rid of excess water by wrapping the toy in a towel and squeezing. Do this several times with a new towel to absorb the water each time.
  • As the toy nears an almost-dry status, a hair dryer set at the lowest setting can be used to speed the final drying process.
  • Make sure to fluff the toy during this drying process. Fluffing is the best way to help the stuffed animal or toy return to it’s like-new condition before being returned to the playroom.