4 Sweaters We Are Excited For This Winter

It’s officially sweater season in North Little Rock, AR!

When you work in the dry cleaning industry, you learn a thing or two about sweaters. More than just how to clean them. You also learn what kinds of sweaters customers favor, which ones require more care, and which ones are more durable.

Here are 4 sweaters we are looking forward to seeing, wearing, and caring for this winter.

Of course we can’t dream of sweater season without thinking of how we are going to clean them. So we’ve included some typical care tips for each kind of sweater.

If you don’t have time, or don’t know how to care for a sweater, the team at Hangers Cleaners in North Little Rock, AR has your back.

Hangers Cleaners is a perc-free dry cleaning facility. Perc is a chemical used in traditional dry cleaning processes that will strip the oils from the natural fibers of your sweater. Over time, this will deteriorate your sweater.

Our wet-cleaning dry cleaning process is much safer for the natural fibers in your sweater.

Even if your sweater’s care tag says “do not dry clean” we can still help you out. As a wet-cleaning dry cleaners, we have access to all kinds of garment care methods.

1. The Oversized Sweater in North Little Rock, AR

It’s like a hug you get to wear all day. A classic oversized sweater is bulky, yet soft, a size or two larger than what you normally wear, and often made with a blend material.

Wear something underneath it because it’s thick, and will likely provide too much warmth at some point during your day.

2. Cashmere—anything.

Who knew goats would have such a primary role in the fall fashion industry. Cashmere is made of goats wool. It’s soft, delicate, lightweight, comfortable, and keep the wearer warm.

Structured cashmere garments, like a cashmere coat or sturdy sweater, almost always require dry cleaning. Soft, unstructured cashmere garments almost always require hand washing.

Don’t shy away from the luxury of cashmere because of it’s daunting care requirements. Sure, it needs some extra care when it’s time to get it cleaned, but hand washing isn’t as difficult as it seems.

Even if your cashmere is “hand wash only”, Hangers Cleaners can help. Contact us or stop by our North Little Rock, AR locations if you have any questions.

3. The Fisherman’s Sweater in North Little Rock, AR

If you knit as a hobby you might recognize this garment in the store as the I-could-totally-make-that-if-I-had-the-time sweater. If you don’t know how to knit, you can still spot this beautiful sweater by its textured cable-like designs.

It’s usually chunky, soft and oh-so-cozy.

4. The Ugly Christmas Sweater in North Little Rock, AR

Most of us will find ourselves at an Ugly Christmas Sweater party during the month of December—even if it’s not specified in the invitation. Quirky red and green Santa sweaters are hard to pass up.

These sweaters don’t need to be fancy. If you find one you live, but it isn’t the softest sweater you’ve ever worn, wear something under it.

The good news about these sweaters is that they are usually pretty easy to care for. Their value is focused on their festive design, not their quality material. Check the care tag. Unless they are seriously decked-out with Christmas tree lights and reindeer noses, they can usually be cleaned in a washing machine.