Tips and Tricks For Your Ugly Christmas Sweater

‘Tis the season for ugly Christmas sweaters in Maumelle, Arkansas. Whether you are just feeling festive this December or you need to the perfect ugly Christmas sweater for an ugly Christmas sweater party, we’ve got some tips for you. Getting your seasonal sweaters together in a hurry? Hangers Cleaners offers free dry cleaning delivery in Maumelle. Learn more:

Types of Ugly Christmas Sweaters for Inspiration.

Not sure what to do for your decked-out Christmas sweater this year? There really is no limit to how creative you can get. Here is some inspiration.

  1. The one that needs batteries. You can never go wrong with adding Christmas lights to your sweater. Battery-powered Christmas lights might not be wash-friendly, but they will sure give your look some extra dazzle for the night of the party. This also applies to light-up red noses for all the sweaters with a Rudolf the Rednosed Reindeer theme. Let us handle cleaning it with our dry cleaning delivery services. You don’t want to throw a battery in your own washer. 
  2. The one that leaves tinsel everywhere. Just like when you are decorating your Christmas tree, use as much sparkle as you can. Do your host a favor a stick with easy-to-pick-up tinsel, not glitter. You can weave strands of tinsel into your design or hang it like a fringe from the hem of your sweater. Unfortunately we can do dry cleaning delivery for floors!
  3. The two that met under the mistletoe. If you have a significant other to dress up with, go as matching or complementing designs.
  4. The one with a little bit of everything. Trying to go all-out with your sweater design this year? Christmas decorations you have around the house might be just the thing.
  5. The authentic one. This is a sweater that doesn’t need any decorating. It is one of the colorful knitted garments that inspired this wonderful practice of intentionally buying tacky sweaters around Christmas time. Does it have snowman buttons? A full nativity scene on the back?

If you are decorating your own ugly Christmas sweater, we recommend using an inexpensive sweater or sweater vest as a base. Unless you have enough time and talent to pull of a magnificent design with sewing and stitching, you’ll want the comfort of not having to worry about the base of your design. And don’t worry if you get it dirty, that means we can help you with using our dry cleaning delivery services. 

Before you start decorating, place a piece of cardboard in your sweater. This will help prevent you from glueing the sweater together.

Dry Cleaning Delivery and Your Ugly Christmas Sweater.

If you decorated your own ugly Christmas sweater this year with tinsel, cardboard, tape, glue, and safety pins, you might have to make peace with the fact that it’ll likely be a one-night-out kind of sweater. However, if you have an authentic ugly Christmas sweater you have more options. Check the care tag.

Many sweaters have special care requirements based on the material they are made of. If your sweater is handmade, the safest way to clean it is to gently wash it by hand.

Not sure if you’re up to the task? Stop by Hangers Cleaners in Maumelle. We’ll help you out.

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