It’s a silly question to ask. Are socks bad for our health? (Hint: no.) But it got us thinking about what we haven’t thought to ask because we might think it’s too foolish? The team at Hangers Cleaners is here to answer all of your laundry-related questions and concerns. If you have a difficult garment to clean, or just a garment you aren’t sure how to safely care for, stop by one of our convenient dry cleaning locations in central Arkansas.

Here are a 4 unique and humorous questions about laundry that we can answer so you don’t have to wonder—or ask.

1. Should I even wash my jeans, or take them to dry cleaning locations in Central Arkansas?

Freezing has become a popular method of cleaning your favorite pair of jeans because it saves time and uses less water. Some swear by this method of keeping jeans fresh after just a few months of wear. Some have concerns about sanitary issues and germs.

Our recommendation: Do some research. Give it a try to see what you think.

2. If you clean your washing machine are you also a washing machine?

Not really.

Some washing machine owners often don’t think twice about cleaning something that usually does the cleaning. Your washing machine needs you to take a turn being the washer every once and awhile.

Here is a video from Scott explaining how. >>

As for your dryer, just make sure to clean the lint collector and snake out the hose every now and then. Or try your local dry cleaning locations in Central Arkansas, such as Hangers.

3. Will baking soda turn my washing machine into a 5th grade science experiment?

Baking soda has proved itself, in many ways, as a miracle cleaning chemical compound that you can find around your house. It’s a great option to clean and freshen many things. Your laundry is no exception. If you’re still not sure, our professionals at our dry cleaning locations in Central Arkansas can show you in person.

Here is a quick tutorial from Scott on how to wash your towels with baking soda:

4. Are socks bad for your health?

The short answer is: no. However, apparently Albert Einstein didn’t wear socks. Some believe that your feet need to spend some sock-free time to breathe.

Thankfully socks are made from breathable fabric and shouldn’t cause you any real problems as long as you are washing them regularly.

Thanks for reading!