Here are 4 facts that you might not know about wet-cleaning.

1. Traditional dry cleaning IS NOT DRY.

Many people are surprised to find that dry-cleaning isn’t actually “dry”. At a traditional dry cleaning facility garments are submerged in a chemical called PERC. This chemical gets garments clean without causing damage, shrinkage or stretching. However, in recent years, we’ve learned that PERC does have some downsides. It’s not safe for the environment. Any leftover residue from the PERC cleaning agent on the garments you wear can be harmful to your health. Hence the emergence of wet-cleaning.

2. Wet-Cleaning technology cleans your garments just as well.

We use specialized washing machines, dryers, steamers and trained personnel to treat each individual garment we receive. With all the new advancements being made in environmentally safe, efficient machinery, the wet-cleaning process is better than ever.

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3. It’s one of the ways we care for the community we serve.

At Hangers Cleaners, we love being a small business. When you operate a business in the community you live in, you are reminded everyday how important it is to keep the environment healthy. That’s why the Hangers Cleaners dry cleaning plant exceeds EPA standards. We recycle and use safe chemicals throughout our facility.

We want the people we serve to have the best laundry care possible. Laundry might seem like a small part of your life—especially if you take advantage of our free pickup and drop-off service, but it is a constant part of your routine. It’s important to make sure that the clothes that come in contact with your skin are cleaned with safe chemicals.

4. Wet-Cleaning leaves your clothes smelling fresh.

What’s better than that fresh just-out-of-the-dryer clean laundry smell on a garment? That fresh just-out-of-the-dryer clean laundry smell on a garment that you didn’t have to wash. The PERC dry cleaning process tends to leave garments with a chemical smell. It’s common for dry-clean-only garments to have this distinct smell, but it they don’t have to have it. Since we use an all-natural and chemical-free cleaning process we can return your garment smelling fresh.