It’s garment cleaning time. Imagine this. After a long summer of Arkansas humidity and high temperatures you wake up and see that the forecast is finally showing signs of fall. Summer has been great and all, but you can’t wait to step outside and experience that cool crisp fall air.

You go to your closet to grab a sweater only to find that your warm weather garment isn’t smelling as fresh as it should. Why? Your sweaters and jackets have been hanging in your closet, or sitting in a storage box all summer.

Fall is just around the corner. Don’t let stale sweaters ruin your first fall morning. Be ready. Here is a quick fall wardrobe checklist to help you get ready for lower temperatures.

1. Garment Cleaning Cardigans

Let’s organize this list by importance. Arkansas weather is pretty unpredictable as seasons change. You don’t want your wardrobe to get too far ahead of itself.

Garment cleaning cardigans and sweatshirts first. These garment cleanings are light and easy to grab on an unexpected cool morning. They are also easy to layer, so you can adapt as the weather changes throughout the day.

garment cleaning

2. Raincoats

Umbrellas are great, but in cooler temperatures you will appreciate having a good raincoat ready to go. Garment cleaning your raincoat sound intimidating to you? Our team would love to help. Raincoats are unique, but usually easy to clean.

3. Flannels

Whether it’s casual Friday at the office, or just another day of classes, flannel is a fall favorite for just about anyone.

4. Sweaters

Low temperatures and crisp fall air is getting pretty regular now. It’s time to break out your official fall garments.

Sweaters can be tricky when it comes to garment cleaning. Here are a few tips from Scott >> How To Care For Sweaters. Make sure to check out the care tag on your sweater so you know what kinds of fabrics you are dealing with.

­ Need to shrink an area of your sweater? Mist the area with some water and put the whole sweater in the dryer.

­ Never hang your sweater. Traditional hangers will leave bumps in the shoulders of your sweaters.

­ Use tissue paper to properly store your sweater. Lay your sweater out front­ side down on a clean, smooth surface and place tissue paper on top. Fold it in thirds with tissue paper in the middle. Now you can either fold the sweater for storage or hang it on a pants hanger.

garment cleaning

5. Coats

Harsh winter ahead? Most of the time Arkansas weather doesn’t require heavy coats, but when it does you will appreciate having one in your closet. To keep your coat in it’s best shape we recommend cleaning it twice a year. Even if you don’t wear it often.

6. Scarfs

It’s an accessory, but it gets dirty just like any garment. You can clean everyday dirt off most scarves with a lint roller. To keep your scarf in it’s best shape, we recommend having it cleaned twice a year. Check the care tag to see how or bring it to us.