Traditional dry cleaning uses a chemical called perchloroethylene, or “perc”. This chemical is used in most dry cleaners today. It gets the dirt and oils off your garments without causing shrinkage or damage to the fabric.

What is the downside? It turns out, perc is hazardous to the environment and our health. The EPA is cracking down on dry cleaning methods to encourage safer dry cleaning.

That’s why Hangers Cleaners is a perc-free plant. Our wet-cleaning process exceeds current EPA standards. This method is kind to the environment and safe for humans. That’s why when you have your dry cleaning done at Hangers Cleaners, you get your garments back odor-free.

Here are a few reasons why going green should be important to you. Even if it’s just dry cleaning.

1. Because you don’t want your clothes smelling like harsh chemicals.

This isn’t the most important benefit of green dry cleaning. It’s the biggest difference you’ll notice right away. If you switch from a traditional dry cleaner who uses perc to a green dry cleaner, we can guarantee you’ll be satisfied with your choice. Your garments will get back to you free from chemical smells.

2. Because your garments come in contact with your skin.

One of the most alarming reasons why dry cleaners are being encouraged to step away from perc is that it is hazardous to our health. Perc is a harsh chemical. It has been proven to have serious, long-term side effects on humans. You want the clothes you wear to be safe. The clothes you get dry cleaned with a special, green wet-cleaning process will leave your garments chemical free. Safe for the environment and for your health.

3. Because everyone should do their part.

At Hangers Cleaners we believe that it’s every small business responsibility to do their part in making the community they serve a better place. Going green with our wet-cleaning dry cleaning method isn’t the only thing we do to help the environment. We also make it a priority to recycle hangers, recycle plastic garment bags, and use recycled paper.

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