Why do we love cotton so much in the summer?

Who can resist a breathable fabric that is easy to care for, lightweight and breezy in the summer air, and naturally soft against your skin?

While you are enjoying your summer-perfect cotton garments during these hot Arkansas days, don’t forget to take good care of them. Since cotton is a natural fiber, some cotton garments have a tendency to shrink in the dryer. We recommend hanging your favorite cotton garments out to air dry in the summer sun.

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1. The fabric breathes.

As a natural fiber, a lightweight cotton garment tends to breathe well. This means it won’t trap heat and keep it close to your skin. It will take every advantage of a subtle summer breeze to keep you cool. It will help air out your skin with every movement you make.

2. It’s lightweight.

Pack away the blanket scarves and wool socks. Heavy fabrics are for the winter. The last thing you want in the hot summer sun is a heavy garment trapping heat and weighing you down. A fabric made from cotton can be lightweight without compromising durability.

3. It’s a tough, all-natural fiber.

Cotton has a tough side. That’s why you can’t look at flannel and jeans and not think of a stereotypical lumberjack character. Their tough-yet-comfortable properties make them perfect for outdoor work and play.

You don’t have to chop lumber to appreciate a good cotton garment. It’s also good to wear camping, playing sports, cheering as your kids play sports, traveling or just doing some yard work. Tough cotton fabrics have you covered this summer.

4. It doesn’t stink.

Another benefit to wearing natural fibers, they don’t retain bad smells like man-made fibers do. Cotton garments might have a tendency to absorb moisture like sweat, but they are better at releasing it once they are in the wash.

Play outdoors as much as you want in your favorite cotton garment, it’ll come out of the wash smelling fresh and clean.

5. No static cling.

“I think we would both benefit from some personal space.” What’s worse than a clingy garment? No one wants to deal with fabrics that stick to you. Especially in the summer heat. To keep cool your skin needs room to breathe.

Cotton gives you space. It’s tough and all-natural properties keep it from getting charged with static.

6. It’s soft.

Cotton is hella soft. In it’s original state, cotton is a thin, fine fiber. That’s why true cotton is soft to the touch.

Softness might not be your first priority when you are trying to find a garment that will help you stay cool in the hot summer sun. But it’s the little things that make your favorite garment your go-to piece when your putting an outfit together.

Cotton’s softness isn’t only appreciated in the summer. That’s why most of us have our favorite cotton garments for every season. Cotton stays soft when it’s being used in heavy or lightweight fabrics.