Arkansas weather might be fluctuating, but winter is gone. Spring is in the air. Your favorite winter garment has served it’s purpose this year. Now it’s time to preserve it for next winter.

Don’t let your closet get over crowded with clothes from every season. Here are a few tips on packing winter clothes away until the temperature drops again.

1. Keep your garments in a ventilated area.

When it comes to clothing storage, we don’t recommend using vacuum sealed storage bags. Plastic seals in moisture and even the smallest amount of moisture can cause garments to fade in color or become musty. Avoid plastic bags. If you need to store a garment in a bag use one made of a natural fiber like cotton.

What about plastic bins? Plastic bins are a great way to keep your garment safe until winter rolls around again. Just make sure not to pack them too tight. Store the heaviest fabrics at the bottom and the lightest fabrics on top.

2. Don’t hang sweaters.

Most people know that hanging a sweater on a hanger causes it to lose it’s shape. Even hangers designed for sweaters can cause damage over the course of a few months. Fold all your sweaters with tissue paper and store them away in a ventilated area.

3. Make sure your winter boots don’t get crushed.

It’s easy to let your winter boots find their way to the back of your closet during the summer. Proper storage will keep your boots from losing their shape. They will be ready to keep your feet warm and stylish when winter rolls around again.

The best way to store winter shoes is in their original boxes. If you don’t have their original box, try to find them find a drawer or box with some extra space. If your winter boots are tall, don’t let them slouch all summer. The slouch could give them unsightly creases or cause them to loose their shape in other ways. Try cutting up an unused, foam pool noodle. These noodles are usually just the right size to fit inside your boot and keep them standing tall all summer.

4. Use lavender and cedar to keep your garments smelling fresh.

Forget mothballs. Store good-smelling lavender pouches with your winter garments. Cedar wood is great for drawing moisture out of the air and keeping the area fresh for garment storage.

5. Last and most importantly, make sure everything is clean.

You don’t want your winter garments, musty from the winter air, sitting in storage for several months. When you need them next winter, they will come out of storage smelling stale.

Winter coats don’t need to be washed as often as your day-to-day garments, but make sure they are clean before you put them in storage. Not sure how to get one of your winter garments clean? That’s where we come in!

Hangers Cleaners is here to help you get your trusty winter coats clean and ready for storage. Stop by any of our six locations in central Arkansas to learn more.