The more your know about your garments, the better equipped you are to care for them. Here are a few ways to tell if your clothes are cheaply made.

Fabric Quality

The main quality test for any garment is to check the fabric. Check the tag to see what materials it is made of. Natural materials like silk, cotton and wool will last longer than synthetic materials.

When it comes to silk, the thicker the fabric the higher the quality. Hold it up to a light to see how thick the material is.

Wrinkle Test

The wrinkle test is an easy test you can do to determine if the garment will keep it’s shape throughout the day. Simply ball up the fabric into your fist and hold it for a few seconds. When you let go, the fabric should slowly return to it’s previous state. If it stays wrinkled, it will probably wrinkle when you wear it.

Stretch Test

If the fabric is stretchy you can use the stretch test to determine quality. Stretch out part of the fabric for a few seconds and see if it can return to it’s original shape after. If the garment can’t retain it’s original shape, it is probably not made of quality material.

You can also use this test to check the seam of your garment. Gently stretch the garment at it’s seams and check for gaps between the stitches.

Can’t decide? Test how the fabric feels in your hand. Check for softness and quality.

The Secret is in the Seam

Details matter when it comes to clothing quality. The seam of the garment can tell you a lot about how well the garment was made as a whole. Check for hem allowance. Especially if you know the garment will need to be tailored. The hem is the space between the edge of the garment and the hemline. This extra fabric allows for proper alterations. A good hem on a pencil skirt or pants is about 1.5 to 2 inches.

What kind of seam is used? It doesn’t take an expert seamstress to spot quality seam work. A poor seam will have uneven stitches and loose threads. Make sure the seam is strong with the stretch test. Look closely to see if the thread used matches the fabric.

Look for a center seam on jackets. A good quality jacket will feature a center back seam for a better fit.

What about the yoke? For a button-down blouse, make sure it has a yoke instead of a seam at the shoulder.


Like the seam, buttons are small details on your garment that provide insight to how well the garment was made. A properly sewn button says a lot about the quality of the garment.

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