There are many great reasons to support local business. Here are 4 specific reasons for supporting ours.

1. Your business is important to us.

Our customers are our top priority. Unlike large corporations, our success depends on great experience and word­of­mouth. We want our values and beliefs to reflect in every aspect of our business. Every time you do business with us you can expect friendly staff, quality garment cleaning and efficiency down to the last detail.

In case you didn’t know: We care for your garments as if they were our own. If there are any issues with your clothes or you aren’t satisfied with the level of garment cleanliness when you pick­up your items, we will gladly re­process that garment for free.

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2. We are convenient.

Find our cleaners conveniently located in the Heights, Shackelford, Hillcrest, Chenal, Park Hill, and Maumelle. Need pick­up service? Hangers Cleaners has the largest home and office delivery service in the area.

Our drivers will pick­up and drop­off your order to your home or office. “To your door won’t cost a penny more.” (Not everyone has our refined sense of slogan humor, but that doesn’t make it any less true. Plus, it’s already printed on the truck so we are really committed at this point.)

3. Great customer service due to exceptional staff and teamwork.

Contrary to popular belief, we don’t actually have superpowers. We just know our employees very well. Have we mentioned how much we love our team? We believe in teamwork and creating an environment where all of our team members can excel. A good team means great customer service.

4. Environmental responsibility.

“Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want.” ­ Anna Lappe

The community we serve and environment we live in is important to us. Here are just a few ways we do our part to help reduce our environmental footprint. >> Learn more.

­ We recycle tons of wire hangers.

­ Our recycled plastic garment bags are meant to be returned. For every ton our customers return, 17 trees are saved. It might not sound like much, but every bit helps when it comes to the environment.

­ We are a Perc­free cleaners. Not only does this leave your clothes smelling chemical­free, our biodegradable, organic cleaning agents are kind to the environment.

­ All of our locations use recycled paper and sustainable products.

dry cleaners little rock